Hope your summer is off to a great start!  Here are the websites for the different fun/learning things I told you about:

  • CodeAcademy has a program called “Code Year” – you sign up to do one set of lessons a week that teach you how to do computer programming (or “code”).  It does not assume you know anything, and you can get to the point of being able to do real apps within about six lessons.  Maybe not apps you would actually use – those would probably come in several months – but definitely this would give you a huge advantage in any computer programming class, or even in understanding how to get the most out of Excel in math class.
  • DuoLingo is an online language-learning program.  If you were in my Pack-Time, you saw a Ted Talk where the inventor talks about how they came up with this as a way to help people learn languages,  and at the same-time translate the web.  (If you haven’t seen this, watch it, because he is really good.)  If you speak English, you can choose to learn Spanish or German.  I’ve been doing Spanish, and even though it has been hit-and-miss in terms of how many days I’ve practiced, I’m definitely starting to regain what I learned 20 years ago.  You may have to wait a little bit before you can start (you sign up, and then they eventually e-mail you when there is space for you), but that makes it even better – because you can sign up, but it will be awhile before you have to do any work!  Anyway, if you do this, at the worst it will make your college Spanish classes easier.
  • Maybe you don’t want to see our good friend Sal Khan over the summer, but it would be good to practice some math on Khan Academy.  (If you are logged in, I’ll even see that you did some exercises, and it will make be happy, and isn’t that worth it?)  Maybe you can practice things that are fairly easy but that you might forget if you haven’t used lately – you’ll get a lot of points really fast there.  Or, you could even watch videos about interesting stuff that has little or nothing to do with math – like this new one about Isaac Newton and Usain Bolt, or this one about heart attacks.   Maybe that isn’t what excites you – look around, there will be something interesting.
  • And for fun with numbers, you can still KenKen!

Have fun, and be safe!